Canadian Tire “House of Innovation”

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Canadian Tire looked to their agency to launch an initiative encouraging the public to see the hardware giant as an assist in home renovation more readily. The “House Of Innovation” campaign proved to be that very thing.

The Scope:

The project’s internet component required not only desktop testing, but verification on mobile devices as well. The renovation “innovations” are represented by video tutorials and an online tool to create shopping lists to support these projects. Canadian Tire purchased a house for this very purpose, effectively putting themselves in their customers shoes. The site would evolve as well, with new renovation projects added periodically to simulate a timetable for the entire renovation effort.

The Challenge:

The project’s timing through all media (signage, newspaper ads, etc.) had to be integrated to support a media-wide synchronous launch. Communication with the agency through to the client was critical. There was also the inclusion of popular “share” functionality and the extensive integration of video, which had to be tested and verified not only across different browsers but across different mobile devices as well. Continued support would be necessary as well.

The Approach:

Lupa Labs created a test plan to ensure coverage of all site functionality, but didn’t rely on that only. Lupa included a series of ad-hoc tests and performed regression testing with every site update. Opting for testing on real devices rather than online simulations allowed Lupa to report measurable results, assisting in the Development effort. Lupa’s online defect tracking tool proved to be the ideal communication forum to track not only defects, but changes and revisions to the site as well.

The Results:

The Site surpassed 100,000 visitors within it’s first 4 weeks, with the average time spent on Site being more than 5 minutes. The online initiative maintained a monthly average of 80,000 visits with the “share initiative” providing Canadian Tire with their highest level of user engagement. The Site’s reliability and multi-platform access encouraged return visits, with Lupa’s testing and support efforts helping achieve the campaign’s goals.

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